Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Blessings and Beauty

So I'm still in pjs, school should have started, and I'd forgotten to write out today's post. This is life lately. Moving so fast with too long a to-do list and not enough hours in the day. Something is constantly falling through the cracks, and I'm maniacally counting the days till summer when I ***hope*** life will slow and I can catch my breath.

BUT...God should never fall through the cracks. He should always be the top of my list. Life just moves better when he is:) So I'm sitting here to write out my weekly blessings. Yep, should have written them out day-by-day, but just because I forgot to pause this past week doesn't mean I can't stop and do it now. New habits are hard to establish, but if I just give up, they'll never become routine!'s my week of daily blessings as I look back over my shoulder to my last seven days:

1) The sweet embrace of God's comfort
2) Cuddling on the couch with my kids
3) Hubby buying me Cadbury Mini eggs (my FAVORITE this time of year! LOVE that he remembers this.)
4) Quiet mornings with coffee
5) Laughter in church
6) Dirty dishes in the sink (which means we HAVE dishes and food that makes them dirty)
7) Watching my nearly teenage daughter still being goofy with her friends--may she always be!

We've hit March which here in Michigan is like taking one big, full breath. It means we've survived winter even if it still looks like winter out there. It is the light at the end of our tunnel! And then yesterday came in with all it's grey clouds, snow and sleet and we wanted to cry...or shake our fist at the sky...or maybe both. But then today! Today happened and I opened my blinds to that picture below! Yes. I can see the dust and cobwebs and fingerprints on my window, but that's only because of that BEAUTIFUL sunshine streaming in! Nothing is more beautiful than the sun, especially after a long hard winter. (And yes, there is a life-parallel here, but I'll let you ponder that.) So this shot is my BEAUTY for the day!

Be blessed friends. And please, please, please stop a moment and savor just one blessing and one beauty in your day. Big or small, it's there, I promise. And I know this because our God is faithful. Our God loves showering blessings on us. And our God is a God of JOY:)

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  1. The snow started in Kentucky last night. No matter how dicey life becomes when the snow hits, I'm always amazed at the beauty of it. God doesn't have make it beautiful, but He does, and I'm delighted.