Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Blessings & Beauty

Hey everyone! It's Wednesday. Time to focus on the simple joys in our lives. For some it'll be like a harvest spilling over, others...well, we might need to hunt and peck a little. But one thing I know is that God delights in delighting us. Sometimes in the hunting and pecking we find we have a lot more to collect than what we thought. We often times cannot change our circumstances, but we can change our thoughts. (Doesn't mean it's always easy though!) So let's start!

Blessings: (things to be thankful for, moments of happiness to note...)
1) Unexpected help on a day when my to-do list was longer than my hours to do it all in. God really does multiply our time!
2) the ability to laugh at myself
3) steamed milk with honey added...I'd forgotten the comfort of this!
4) sleeping in until 8 am and feeling rested
5) curling up with a good book and a warm cup of tea in a quiet house
6) seeing my children's creativity come out--in their own unique ways--during a project
7) snuggling in bed with my littlest

What I found beautiful this week? The number "one". I posted about it on Monday, you can read it here, and I've been thinking about it ever since. This picture is taken on my front stoop where I sit a lot in spring, summer, and fall. It's my thinking and praying spot. (In winter that spot is my closet. For real.) As I sat there I thought about the number one and my Monday post. I'm one person. I'm not eloquent or as educated as the next gal. I won't be gracing the cover of any magazines or tv screens in my foreseeable future. I don't have a huge social media following or a tribe.

But I do have the One and only thing I need...God.

And that was the point of this week. The power of one is amazing--in my life and in the lives of those around me. One kind word. One hello. One phone call. One hug. One card. One look. One invitation. Did you know some people have never been to church or heard the Gospel simply because no one has ever asked? It only takes one! Oh, please, BE that one! Because the story of Jesus' one sacrifice can radically change lives.

Remember, you are enough! In Christ you have everything you need. Courage. Talent. Beauty. Authority. Your wrinkles, age, eloquence (or lack thereof), "likes", or "follows"...none of that matters.  God knew what he was doing when he created you. He knows what he can do with your abilities AND imperfections. He only needs your willingness.

You matter.

And that is a beautiful thing:)


  1. Amen, beautiful friend. Amen.
    P.S. And I'd love to see a pic of your winter prayer closet :)

    1. :) Spring cleaning is coming up. Maybe I'll do a before and after. I'm not the only mess hanging out in there! LOL

  2. John Wesley's mother had so many children she'd pull her apron over her head to have a quiet moment with God. This was the second time today I read my wrinkles are beautiful. Maybe God's trying to get my attention.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. :) LOVE that! I'd never head it before. New use for my apron, LOL.

      And they ARE beautiful, Jackie. YOU are beautiful!