Monday, March 9, 2015

Security in God

For the sun rises with scorching heat and withers the plant; its blossom falls and its beauty is destroyed. In the same way, the rich man will fade away even while he goes about his business. James 1:11

Many times throughout the Bible we’re compared to flowers, often in terms of our sprouting and flourishing, but this verse brings a different picture of those blooms. Rather than bursting forth with color and growth, this flower wilts. Its beauty is destroyed. Why the change?

It’s where that flower seeks its worth—in money.

We are a generation living in a world that elevates those with monetary worth. We seek it ourselves. This world tells us there is security in a full bank account. It shows us our worth is inherent in what we possess. What we wear. The car we drive. The home we live in.

Yet all of it is temporary. You are worth no more or no less if you live in a cardboard box or in a mansion. You are no more beautiful if your clothes come from SAKS or Goodwill. Your smile no more precious if it’s covered with lipstick from MAC or ELF.

That is because we need to find our worth in the living God, not our bottom line. There is nothing we can purchase, nothing we can physically possess that will withstand the heat of this life. In the face of a scorching hot life, we will wither if we are not rooted in God deeply enough to drink in his living water.

Oh, friend, I am in no way saying money is evil. Unfortunately, our relationship with it can be when it’s not in the correct place of our lives. The things we own on this earth are not to take the place of the security we find in God. We need to hold all we possess with open hands, freely giving to those around us and always offering praise to the One who provided it. Because with one blistering day the beauty of riches will fade away. However, in God, fire only burns away the impurities and leaves us shining with the incomparable beauty he creates within us.

Lord, where I have placed my security into possessions or money, replace it with a burning love for you so when the heat of this life wraps around me I do not wither. Help me to hold all I possess with an open hand and open heart that others may see your true beauty woven through my life. Point me to those I may help, with a prayer or with deed, and allow me to do so with a cheerful heart.

I truly believe we are blessed to be a blessing. Each one of us can be a help to those around our lives. Today I challenge you to put our prayer into action. You may not be in a position to monetarily help a person or group, but a prayer, kind word, or even your time are all gifts that can be given. Let your eyes be open to those around you and then boldly step out in action today that your blooms may grow instead of wither.