Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blessings & Beauty

Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm not even going to lie over here, this month has been incredibly busy for us. Spring always is as we have children going in multiple directions for sports and practices. Each of our children get to basically pick one extra-curricular for the year...they just happen to all pick the same season! But it's just that, a season, and we can do anything for a season.

So for me this week, one of the things I've found beauty in is TIME. A moment here or there to rest and relax, whether it's a quiet fifteen with a cup of coffee, or it's the last few minutes of the day when everyone is asleep. I find if I remember to commit my ways to the Lord each day, that he helps me find pockets of time that I'd normally blow past.

What do you do for quiet? How do you spend those moments of recharging? This morning in my found quiet-moment I've been working on a challenge I received in the Bible Study I'm currently doing. It's called Red Hot Faith (seriously a great study!), and this week we were asked to make a list of the alphabet then come up with one attribute for God for every letter. I may not make it through all 26, but what an amazing time it's been to sit with Jesus and think about his hand in my life. All the ways he's worked in me, on me, and through me. It's been a true walk in beauty to study his impact over my years and how much he truly loves and cares for me.

I guess I'd like to challenge you to the same thing today! As you find pockets of time: taxi-mom, folding laundry, exercising, waiting for a game to start, or your coffee-break at work...pick a letter and pair it with an attribute of God in your life. Start a list. Keep it in your pocket, purse, or desk drawer and add on to it. Reflecting on all God's done and been to you will fire-up your faith and make you fall even deeper in love with him. And that will not only help you see a boatload of blessings, but it's also an amazing thing of beauty.

Have a day, dear ones!

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