Monday, October 5, 2015

Unworthy but Not Worthless...

The angel said to those who were standing before him, “Take off his filthy clothes.” Then he said to Joshua, “See, I have taken away your sin, and I will put rich garments on you.” Zechariah 3:4

Ever spend a day cleaning or doing yard work? You become filthy and sweaty, and the only thing that sounds good when you are done is a nice, long shower and a set of clean clothes. Something fresh smelling to remove the stench of all that dirt.

Our lives are no different. There are times we are spiritually stinky—especially before we came to know Christ. All of us…every single person reading this post…have made poor choices in life. Some may seem bigger than others, but sin doesn’t have a sliding scale. Anything that falls outside of the Word of God separates us from him. Oh, there may be different consequences for sin, but it all makes us unclean.

All too often when we are unclean, we feel unworthy. We peer into the presence of God and think we can’t stand there with him. Except once we are his child, he does for us exactly what he did for Joshua; he takes away our filthy rags covered in our sins and covers us with rich garments, and those garments are all he sees.

Friend, no one on this earth is perfect. Never will we be able to stand in the presence of a most Holy God on our own. We are unworthy of him…but not one of us is worthless. We are valued beyond measure, and God sees that worth buried beneath the grime of our sins. It does not matter what filthy rags are covering us. It doesn’t matter what stench we rolled in. If we confess it to him, he will remove it and cover us anew.

And that makes all the difference in the world. God sees what he’s covered us in, not what he’s removed us from. Our lives our made fresh and clean in his presence, the stink of our past is gone. Don’t wear the filth one second longer. Give it to him and let him clothe you with the richest of garments he’s holding just for you.

Lord today I confess my sins to you and my need for you in my life. Help me to let go of that which is separating me from you so that you can remove it fully from me and pull me fully into your presence. Help me to no longer see the rags of sin you remove from my life, but the beauty of your wholeness and my worth in you. Thank you Lord, amen.

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