Friday, November 6, 2015

Seasons of Hope Novellas by Jessica Patch

Hey friends! I'm super excited to let you know the final novella in Jessica Patch's "Seasons of Hope" series has released. This has been such a great series, so let's take a look at the last one, and we'll chat on the other side!

Successful bistro owner and worship leader, Sierra Bradley appears to have it all together, but inside she’s a hot mess. Often dictated by fear, Sierra regrets not eloping with high school sweetheart, Ezra Alcott. Now he’s returned to Mistletoe to sketch behind-the-scenes portraits for his sister’s wedding and Sierra has agreed to cater the event. With no escape from crossing paths, she has to deal with the heartache of what might have been. 

Ezra Alcott left for France to make his mark on the art world and nurse the pain of rejection. But somewhere along the way he lost sight of the kind of man he wanted to become. Back in his sleepy hometown, he realizes God might be giving him a blank canvas to start over. 

If Ezra can find the strength to ask for a second chance, and Sierra can trust God with the things she can’t see, they might be able to paint a lifetime together. 

This was a fun end to a sweet and light-hearted series. Patch does an amazing job balancing both struggles and laughter with authentic characters you can't help but root for on every page. Her faith element always weaves organically through her stories with real people who are relatable. And her romance never fails to pull out sighs and smiles. Sierra and Ezra's story is no different. The other element I thoroughly enjoyed was seeing everyone else in the town of Mistletoe. If you're new to the series, you'll feel right at home. If you're finishing it up, you'll enjoy the last glimpse into their lives as we say good-bye.

And...since this is the last in the series, Jessica Patch has put the others on special through Sunday! So if you haven't read them, now is the time!  You can purchase It's Always Been You here. Links to the other books are below. Happy reading, friends:)

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