Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Isn't a Holiday

Ok, so technically, it is a holiday, but that whole idea got me thinking...

See, as we all put away our plastic eggs today, hang up our pretty dresses, and rush out to get good deals on candy, I can't help but really think that's not what this all is about. Easter was never meant to be a day to go on egg hunts and fill baskets with chocolate (though I am all about chocolate and we still do egg hunts at our house)...Easter--Resurrection Sunday--is about celebration.

Celebration of LIFE.

Jesus, God, he's all about life. From making dry bones live again to raising Lazarus from the dead (and several others), to raising himself from the grave, he is constantly speaking life. John 10:10 even specifically says it's what he came to give us: abundant life.

And we can celebrate that every day. In fact, we should celebrate that every day, because the same power that raised Jesus from the grave is alive, active, and available to us today. All we have to do is ask Him.

Ask Jesus into our hearts.
Ask him into our lives.
Ask him into the middle of our addictions.
Our sickness.
Our finances.
Our dreams.
Our celebrations.

The cross isn't merely a pretty symbol simply to be is the power of what Christ did for us two thousand years ago. And when we get that deep in our bones, we cannot help but burst forth in praise. We don't have to live defeated, because God didn't stop the story on Friday. We are meant to live in power, fullness, and freedom. Not because of anything we've done, but because of everything that he gave--that's what the cross reminds us of. And that's what we can carry with us all year long.

Not just on Easter, because Easter isn't a holiday, it's a celebration!

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  1. We were just talking about how Easter is different than other holidays at work. One guy asked what Good Friday was all about. He just about broke my heart.

    I think there's a huge lesson here. It seems like people have a better grasp of Christmas than Easter. This is a great time to witness to others about our awesome God!

    What a powerful post today, Susan!