Friday, April 15, 2016

Bookshelf Friday - An Opportunity to Review!

Hey readers! I'm in the middle of reading a whole stack of books while also finishing the school year and a novella I'm writing, so I didn't have a review for today. BUT I do have a great opportunity for those of you who love to read--particularly inspirational historical romance. My dear friend and critique partner, Dawn Crandall, has just handed in the fourth book in the "Everstone Chronicles" to her editor. It's titled The Cautious Maiden and will release his fall. In the meantime, Dawn is looking for readers who haven't already read her award-winning first three in the series! Take a look at these gorgeous covers (with a sneak peek at the cover for The Cautious Maiden!)

SO! If you haven't read the first three in this series, and you're looking for a great series to read this summer, and you have an e-reader, then this is a great opportunity for you! Dawn will send you the first three books to read for FREE. All you have to do is review them on Amazon once you're finished. Easy peasy! An Amazon review only has to be a sentence or two. I loved this book! even counts as one:) And as a quick side note, reviews are one of the biggest ways you can help an author.

If you're interested and able AND wind up loving the books (I have a feeling you will) then you'll also be eligible to help review The Cautious Maiden when it releases. That book you'll have the opportunity to get as an electronic file OR an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy). All the links to sign up are listed below, and all the books can be found on Amazon if you'd like to look at their blurbs. If you love historical, you are going to LOVE these!

Message Dawn Crandall on her Facebook Author Page to receive and review all 3 over summer: here

Sign up for a chance to review The Cautious Maiden in ebook or paperback form when it releases this fall: here

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