Monday, May 2, 2016

The Exchange Rate

Over my morning coffee recently I began contemplating the week I was having. There'd been some bumps and bruises brought on from misunderstandings with other people. Sometimes when we only have snippets of conversations or limited interactions with others, we may think we know them but our picture isn't quite as clear as it could be. And being on the receiving end of that my thoughts began to spiral. As I sipped my morning brew, I chatted with God all about how desperately I wanted people to know my true heart. How I felt that in some situations I'd been misrepresented and it frustrated me. But then something subtle began to see, I'd struggle that week with a bit of sadness. I worried that my worth, my value, wasn't significant, and God brought this small shift in thought into the light.

Because what was I doing? I was measuring myself by other people's standards.

It's like the dollar bill. Depending on where you travel, our dollar is worth more or less--all based on what that country sets the exchange rate to. Does that dollar in your pocket actually change in form or in its worth here at home? Nope. But step outside of its place of origin, and it does. And that's exactly what I was doing every time I entertained the thoughts of others; I was stepping out of my place of origin (which is living in God's presence).

Friends, not everyone in life is going to like us. (Crazy, right?) Misunderstandings occur that you won't have the ability to correct. Personalities conflict. Slander is believed or at least entertained. And that is hard because we desire for people to know our truest heart--but that might not happen with some people. Yet that does not affect our worth!

God knows our hearts. God knows us. Let that sink in! He knows you! What others see or believe, especially when misguided by people or circumstances, should not shape us. They are measuring using the scale of their exchange rate, but only the One who knows every facet of us can truly deem our worth.  Which means we must only use God's exchange rate when it comes to seeking our value.

So today I challenge you to see yourself through God's eyes. Let him calculate your value using his exchange rate. I promise you, your worth will be off the charts:)

"You are precious and honored in my sight..." Isaiah 43:4


  1. Good morning, this was so spot on for me today, and lately, thank you very much.

  2. Good morning, this was so spot on for me today, and lately, thank you very much.