Monday, July 18, 2016

Run, Don't Sprint

Thanks to my husband I've gotten to be a part of the racing world for the past several years. In fact, I often volunteer at one of the races he helps put on. Let's be clear though, while he's done everything from a 5K to an Ironman, my role caps out at handing out the medals and cheering.

Yet I'm running my own race, and so are you. It's a thought that's been on my mind lately as I scramble to finish a never-ending to-do list, meet my family's needs, prepare for another homeschool year, and attempt to keep up with things I've said "yes" to or simple daily tasks. I've begun to feel as if I'm running at an impossible speed and about to burn out, but God reminded me of these words from Hebrew 12:

...let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us...

Emphasis on the word run, not sprint. And that's what slowed this runner enough to mull over all the words there.

See, we can start to sprint, can't we? Racing from one thing to another to another until we're nearly spinning in circles. But if you've ever seen a race, the runners pace themselves. Sometimes they even walk for a bit--especially in longer races--and that's because a body cannot maintain that all out pace for long periods of time.

And when we start to sprint we can miss the markers on the path we're on. Oh, do we need those markers! Without them we can miss our calling, miss those moments God can use us, or even take on so many extra miles that it wears us out.

So pace yourself. Stay on the marked path. Walk sometimes, it's okay. It's a run, not a sprint, to the finish line God has for us and he doesn't want anyone to miss one thing along the way.

Have you found yourself in a crazy sprint lately? What things can you give up so that you can slow down some?

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  1. This is perfect, Susan! Yes!! I was sprinting from January through mid-June. Now I'm "power walking" and it's much better. The pace of life just gets out of control. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and enjoy it!