Monday, December 5, 2016

Our Gift

The idea of gifts has been on my mind...wonder why? ;) Last week I wrote a post on a writing blog that was central to this idea, but the idea stuck with me, so I'm continuing here. See, I'd written to my fellow writers about how our writing is a gift we've both been given and it's one we need to share--but we ALL have a gift.

Some of us are still looking for it. We know we were created for a purpose, but we are still in the process of God showing it to us. Don't give up, God created you with a gift and talent that is designed for the exact purpose he had in mind when he called you into being. You have a gift. Let him unfold it in front of you as you seek him.

Some of us have found our gift, but we're in a spot of refining it. God is maturing us. Growth isn't always fun, but it's in the thick of stretching, carving, and shaping our gift that we grow facets of ourselves God will use to reach others. In the Potter's hands we truly become exactly who God created us to be.

Some of us have discovered it but don't want to claim it. It's not the gift we would have chosen or nearly as shiny as the person beside us. Well it's time to stop comparing. Stop longing after something you were never meant to have. And start enjoying the beauty of what God's placed inside of you! Don't throw away the gift God has given because you think it's not good enough. Everything...everything God created has value. Including you.

And some of us are operating smack dab inside the gift God gave us. And when we are finally there. When we've fully unwrapped, put together, appreciated, and put on the amazing gift he placed within us, an amazing thing begins to happen.

The gift he gave us becomes a gift for others.

And all of it points straight back to the ultimate Gift. Jesus Christ himself.