Monday, January 15, 2018

Weebles Wobble

I attended my youngest's gymnastic meet this past Saturday and watched as she took on her beam routine. She's done hundreds of cartwheels on that same beam, but for some reason she'd predetermined that during her meet she wouldn't be able to land it. The cartwheel came and both her feet landed on the beam. But then she wobbled--and gave into the wobble. She landed on the floor then quickly hopped back on to finish her routine.

Friends! Our mindset affects our actions. I've watched my daughter hold onto her landings in much more precarious situations. When she's determined to stick the landing, she holds on with a fierceness that was absent on Saturday. That day one small wobble had her on the ground. Why? Because she was expecting to fall, so when her foundation shook she gave in. And in life, we sometimes do the same. If we're expecting failure, we'll find it all too easily. Let's approach life determined to stick our landings with our feet held firm to the solid foundation of Christ. Wobbles will come, so be ready:)

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