Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Like a River

I love looking at water nearly as much as I love the sound of it. Rivers, oceans, creeks...there is something soothing about water. There is also something immensely powerful about this element. And I love how God constantly uses it to draw a parallel of his power in our lives.

Water provides us with the ability to be clean. It hydrates us, allowing us to grow. It refreshes. At times it can roar with a surge strong enough to sweep us--or the debris stubbornly clinging to us--away. And yet its delicate trickle can be a balm to our sore bodies. I stand amazed at how we can stand on the banks of a river and see Him, his character, in the very water he created.

God speaks through nature, friends. It is his creation, and it mimics his relationship with us. We see his mighty hand and hear his story through this beautiful world we live in. Today, soak in his peace. Look up and look around. He's there, speaking.


  1. This was such an encouragement today! Thank you.

  2. Oh, Susan, I love this and I love being around water for the same reason. Hubby and I have often wondered how someone could walk outside in this world and not believe. He is there.