Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Cease Striving

Sometimes the thing we're chasing can't be caught. And when we continue to pursue it we not only grow tired, but we grow restless. Or hopeless. It may be a relationship. A career. An acknowledgement. A better body. More friends. There are countless things we chase after...but the only thing we should be chasing is God.

Friends, we need to stop striving so hard for things we aren't meant to possess. How do we know if what we seek falls into that category? Simple. The second half of that verse: and know that I am God. When we know who he is, when we pour ourselves into him, he shows us who we are. He lights our path. Gives us direction. Whispers what it is that we were created to pursue. When we focus on God, everything else eventually falls into place.

Yes, we'll still experience bumps and bruises as we move toward our calling, but we won't grow weary. Tired maybe, but not weary:) We'll discover patience in the waiting. Peace along the bumpy roads. Hope that we'll make it to our destination.

Because we will.

We just have to cease striving and instead, seek Him.


  1. Susan: I so appreciate how your posts always serve to focus my eyes on God. Thank you for being such a faith-filled friend.