My Ratings System

As you know on Bookiemonster Fridays I'll often review a book that I've recently read, and as I'm also on Goodreads, I figured I'd keep their rating system here on my blog so everything matches. So here it is, what my stars (err, cookies) mean (because I KNOW you want to know!)

ONE COOKIE - didn't like it

TWO COOKIES - it was o.k.

THREE COOKIES - liked it

FOUR COOKIES - really liked it

FIVE COOKIES - it was amazing!

To clear-up any perceived discrepancies: While here on my blog I give half-stars, many review sights don't offer this option. Therefore, I will always round up on those sights. Also, because I know authors work incredibly hard on their books, I'll only post reviews that are three stars or higher unless the need arises to do otherwise.

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